The Importance of Sexy Wedding Lingerie


It’s your wedding day/night. It’s one of the most exciting times you will ever have. Just because it’s one of the most exciting days for you, it doesn’t mean you should be skimping on practicality. Your wedding gown needs to reflect your personality. Your wedding lingerie does too.

Below you will find a simple guide on how to keep your wedding lingerie practical, while still bringing the “sexy” back.


What you need to do is buy two. Keep the practical one for the wedding ceremony and party itself. This is where the practical side comes in. Pick out a second one for the wedding night. If you want the wedding night to be hot, and I think you know what I mean, then you need to choose something he won’t be able to resist.

Take a browse through Victoria’s Secret and Agent Provocteur for both your wedding day and night.


Most of the time, these colors come in white, ivory and cream. However, if you want to be even more practical, then pick something in either a nude or white. If you really want to go crazy, save these next colors for the wedding night. If you are still interested in keeping things practical and conservative for the wedding night, then choose pastel colors. If you want to go the opposite angle and get things really hot, then colors like black and red are going to be your best bet. It all depends on who you are. Some girls lie the practicality to end after the wedding ceremony. Others want to keep it going for the whole night.


bridal_lingerieThis is where it can get tricky. Some women don’t have proper knowledge of the styles and details. Below you will find a breakdown of what to look for in each piece.

1) The bra: This is one of varying tastes. Some want the supportive bras, the ones which are more traditional. Others want the ruffles and bows. It all depends on you, ladies.

2) The teddy: It’s sort of like a sleeveless tank-top. It stops at the hip line. This is usually worn with some kind of bottom, unless you are going for some kind of sexy, shock thing. These are less supportive than an actual bra, but they do cover more of the body. Choice is yours on this one.

3)The babydoll: This one is going to be somewhat similar to the teddy. The only difference lies in the coverage. It goes down just below the your butt. This is also usually worn with knickers, though some brides like to throw in more sexy with this one. Demure girls can use the white satin or silk. If you are looking to really heat thing up, then choose the see-through lace or mesh fabrics.

4)Boy shorts: You know those tight buy shorts that some guys like to wear? Well, this is the female version of that. They will be tight, yet comfortable on you. These leave nothing to the imagination, especially if you want to wear a thong on underneath. This is definitely one way to seduce your husband on your wedding night. Wear these, he won’t be able to keep his hands off you. You can also try these with some lace, mesh or peepholes. The last one is truly for those who want to trade practicality for adventure.

5)The stockings: Usually, brides tend to wear white on their wedding day and night. Now, if you really want to go extra naughty for your man, try the black one. You can get them in either vintage hose with seams, lace or fishnet. Some stockings will require a garter to hold them up, others will not. It all depends on the style you buy and the type of store you go to.

6)The garter belt: There are two kinds. There is the one that rest on the thigh of the bride. The one we are talking about, it’s the one that is thrown to the next eligible bachelor. It rests on the upper thigh. It’s above the pants and lies around where the top of the stockings are. These all comes in many styles, most of them very practical. These garters are supposed to serve as a preview, for your husband-to-be, of what is to come later on.

When in doubt, always go with your gut. Just because it’s practical, that doesn’t mean you still can’t be sexy. Use your imagination and work it! The rest will fall into place.

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