The Best Five Pieces of Advice to Ensure You’ll Have a Sexy Honeymoon
Romantic Wedding Night

Getting married and going on a honeymoon is a special time in a couple’s relationship. Over the past hundred years many of the societal taboos around couples living together and sharing intimacy together out of wedlock have dissolved. Many couples spend extended periods of time together before getting married and know more about each other than married couples did in the past on their wedding day. While this is undoubtedly true, it is no reason for a couple to not share an intimate and sexual time together. I’m giving you the best pieces of advice that will provide exciting suggestions for couples who are looking to have a sexy honeymoon together.

Be Creative And Spice it Up With Lingerie and Toys

There is nothing like a new set of lingerie to set the mood during your honeymoon. Lingerie can add a memorable and sexual excitement in the bedroom that few things can top and can aid role play fantasies together. Lingerie can serve as a stark reminder of a honeymoon and be a treasured memory that brings a couple back to this time. Buy an enticing piece of lingerie or a variety of pieces to role play in that make you feel sexy and that will thrill him and drive him into a sexual fury.

Slightly different are sexual toys which can add a level of pleasure to a honeymoon’s sexual experiences. Dildos and vibrators add a more intense pleasure than can be obtained from normal sexual experiences and can accentuate the feelings and pleasure that you have together and lead to wonderful and meaningful sex. If you normally employ toys in your sexual experiences buy a new adult toy from a discreet sex toy shop like Mimi De Luxe just for your honeymoon and explore it together, but don’t be afraid to bring along some old favourites as well.

Sex toy gift box

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