Wedding Trends for 2018

Want to look into our crystal ball and find out what sort of wedding you should be having next year, 2018?

Well there’s no let up on the copper trend…it has carried its way across to weddings and it is just so well suited. It adds a romantic element in a soft shade.

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The Significance of a White Wedding
White Wedding Dress

The Eloquent White Wedding

Why is white considered to be a traditional wedding dress choice? Where did this tradition actually begin? The white wedding is indeed a tradition that has been followed by so many.

Queen Victoria had actually gotten the credit for the start of this white wedding idea. It was Queen Victoria who chose to wear a white court dress at her own wedding. This was at her wedding in the year 1840 when she married Prince Albert.

White Wedding Dress

The white wedding is indeed eloquent and gives off a “pure” appeal. The late 19th century would have actually had brides wearing dark colored or black dresses. The color white will stir up images of eloquent and stunning brides at this current time.

The black dress does not remind most people of a delightful wedding. Queen Victoria’s fashion idea had spread all across Europe. Many elites followed her lead. The white bridal dress is associated with feelings of joy and spiritual messages thanks to Queen Victoria.

Religion and the White Wedding

There is deep meaning and a high level of importance placed on the wedding dress in many cultures across the globe. Whether it is a semi-formal wedding or a traditional ceremony, the white dress does seem to include religion or spirituality within this tradition.

All around the entire world, the color white is associated with spiritual events. White does have a spiritual association with it. The color white is quite often considered to be a traditional wedding color along with many other significant life events.

White has spiritual meaning because of the associations with events. White is considered to be pure and will provide joy. The joy will be clear for every bride in white. This is according to the rich spiritual ideas.

The White Wedding Trend Took Off

It was after WW11 when the white wedding trend really took off. The white wedding took off full force at the end of the 19th century. This white dress had actually become a garment of choice.

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Wedding Advice Coming Soon
Wedding Flowers

I’m so pleased to finally get this blog up and running. Coming soon will be advice for the biggest day of your life.

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Wedding Flowers

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