Bringin’ Sexy Back – 7 Tips to Make Your Wedding Night Stunningly Sexy

1. Go Big or Go Home

Weddings are expensive but don’t skimp on the hotel room. Get the honeymoon suite with all the bells and whistles. It can make or break a great night. Just like we dress to impress, you need to bring the noise when it comes to impressing your new bride. Do you want to remember honeymooning in a double bed room or the top floor suite with the Jacuzzi tub and flabbergasting ocean view? Exactly.

2. Pop for the Expensive Bubbly

As a wine connoisseur, there’s nothing worse than mediocre wine or champagne. Put her in the mood with scrumptious tasting drinks and hors d’oeuvres. Chocolate covered strawberries are a nice touch and go well in the Jacuzzi tub with the right bubbly. Show her she’s worth the extra cash. It will make her feel classy, sexy and worth it.

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3. Pre-plan Everything

I know it doesn’t sound very sexy to “pre-plan” but if you want to make your special night extra special and have it go off without a hitch, make sure every detail is taken care of. Even the after-sex meal. Oh yes, there’s an “after-sex” munchies meal. That’s when you order the French fries and onion rings. Be sure you know the time of last call for food delivery. This one you don’t want to pre-order because we wouldn’t want any interruptions but it’s a good idea not to get stuck without any grub after a night of passion.

4. Ladies, Break Out Your Trench Coat & Birthday Suit

Ask any man and many will tell you they’d prefer you naked than with a negligée or other lingerie. There’s just something shockingly beautiful about a woman’s naked body. Even a little strip tease couldn’t hurt but the ultimate goal is to be naked in the end. Slide into the bathroom and undress with just the bathrobe on. It’s a guaranteed turn-on for him. Plus, it’s a great way to break out the massage oil and prime the wheels of love.

5. No, Stay-Cations Aren’t Sexy – Go Exotic

It may be cheaper to do a stay-cation wedding night these days but how often do you get married?? Take her to a place she’s always wanted to go. If you know her well enough, you’ll know just where that place is. Try to bring this one up well before the big day and in a nonchalant way so as not to ruin the surprise. Fulfilling a life-long dream can be one of the sexiest things you could do for her. Remember, woman can often be even more smitten with the little things you remember because it shows you truly care and appreciate her.


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6. Satin Sheets

Ask for Satin Sheets or bring your own and have them on the bed. There’s nothing like slipping into satin sheets to raise the temperature in the room. She’ll feel like a goddess and you’ll score points for this one unsuspecting surprise. Slip into satin sheets in your birthday suits and the rest is history.

7. Leave the Toys at Home

It might seem like this is the perfect time to bring all your sex gadgets and gizmos to make for a stellar night of sex but the key is to make her the sole object of your desires. The body is surprisingly sensual all by itself, without all the magic lubrication and vibrating toys. She’ll feel so much more fulfilled and appreciated (keyword here) if her body is your playground, sans the toys. Imagine how much more attentive you can be and how your undivided attention (instead of fumbling with gadgets) will make her feel like the most special woman in your world. Leave the toys for the honeymoon!

The moral of the story is that less is more except when it comes to the amenities. Pull out all the stops for these. This is a night to enjoy each other and there’s very little you need to do that if you want to really impress her and turn up the heat on the night. Pretty much everything you need, you already have to make that special night stunning and a night she’ll never forget. Get your marriage off to the right start and you’ll be whistling Dixie. As they say: Happy wife, happy life.

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